AE 3D Motor

AE 3D Motor

Ride your motorbike as fast as you can without falling off


  • Fun to play
  • Simple controls
  • Varied backgrounds


  • Basic animation
  • Just one motorcycle to choose


AE 3D Motor is a fast-paced motorcycle game in which you need to travel as far as possible without falling off your bike.

The bike in AE 3D Motor moves forward automatically in this vertical scrolling game. It's your job to avoid all of the vehicles on the road in order to travel as far as you can. You do this by tilting your mobile from side to side. Touch the screen and you'll speed up, gaining more points when you overtake people at high speeds.

AE 3D Motor is simple and fun to play, and the landscapes and vehicles change as you keep going. It gets quite challenging too, as the roads fill up with traffic, making it increasingly hard to weave your way through.

The presentation of AE 3D Motor is good overall. The animation is quite basic though, and this is especially noticeable when taking your finger off the screen when at high speeds. The vehicle will instantly go from very fast to very slow, with no apparent deceleration.

Although AE 3D Motor is fun and addictive to play, it could be improved by some tweaks to its graphics and the ability to choose from different bikes.

AE 3D Motor


AE 3D Motor

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