Disk Inspector

Disk Inspector 2.4

Disk Inspector is a utility that allows you to locate "space eaters" - big files and folders saved on disks in your Mac.

Identify big files and folders in a matter of seconds

Use Disk Inspector to find the biggest files on your Mac and remove the unused files.

To do that, it scans the disk file structure, and shows your files and folders on the disk in a sunburst-like diagram. Bigger items are bigger on the diagram, so it's really easy to find bigger ones. Disk Inspector allows you to scan: Hard Disk Volumes, CD and DVD disks, Flash drives, External storage disks, mounted DMG volumes, and even folders with FileVault protection!

Disk Inspector has a visual scanning mode, so that you can see the results even during the scan process. There is a small progress bar on the dock icon to show the current progress.

  • Animated scanning process
  • Displaying found files & folders during scan process
  • Progress bar during scanning process
  • Detailed volume information available
  • Information about files
  • QuickLook for files
  • Copy path for the item
  • Displaying the folders structure, skipping free space
  • ...And even rotate the resulting diagram!

Disk Inspector


Disk Inspector 2.4

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