Dixio Desktop Classic

Dixio Desktop Classic Dixio Desktop. El traductor inteligente. Versión: 3.10.52

Define and translate words in one click


  • Look up several dictionaries at the same time
  • Works with documents and web pages
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts to enable it


  • Only supports two languages (besides English)

Very good

Dixio Desktop Classic is a handy translation tool that helps you browse web pages in Spanish and Catalan, and also provides definitions for English words.

Using Dixio is really easy. After installing the program and creating your free user account – which you can do from the application itself – you’re ready to go. Simply open any document or web page, hover the mouse over the word you’d like to translate and left click on it while pressing the Windows key. Dixio Desktop Classic will immediately display a window with the results – either a translation from Spanish or Catalan, or a definition in English. You can also enter the term you want to look up right into the text field.

The results in Dixio feature definitions and translations from several resources, including powerful online dictionaries and thesaurus, Google Translate and the Wikipedia. You can also browse results from Google Images based on that word. The order of dictionaries, as well as the keyboard shortcut to trigger the translation and other details can all be adjusted in the program’s configuration options.

Dixio Desktop Classic worked perfectly fine during our tests and proved to be a very useful tool for those of us who work with several different languages. Too bad it doesn’t support more!

With Dixio Desktop Classic you can quickly translate words from Spanish or Catalan into English, and also obtain definitions from English words.

Dixio Desktop Classic: The smart translator. It is a new product that provides context-specific definitions and translations

It is a computer program that provides definitions, translations and encyclopedic content that helps you to better understand what you are reading. It doesn’t distract you, as you merely combine the Windows key and click on the word or expression that you want to look up. It also takes the context into account, to provide you with the most likely meaning. Dixio works with nearly all your computer programs, including Microsoft Office (Word) and Open Office. Once Dixio is installed on your computer, you just have to click with the left-hand button of the mouse on a word while pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, to see the best definition and/or translation. Dixio is available in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Russian. It will shortly be available in Portuguese. Dixio uses the latest language-processing technology, makes fast context-specific searches and recognizes different forms of words, not only the entries that are found in the dictionary. This means that Dixio responds better and more precisely than other programs of the same kind. Dixio Desktop is useful for translating texts or learning the full meaning of what you are reading. Highly recommended for students, teachers, writers, editors, translators,...
Dixio Desktop Classic


Dixio Desktop Classic Dixio Desktop. El traductor inteligente. Versión: 3.10.52

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    Great application!.
    Easy to use (windows-click invocation), usually it shows to you the definition or translatio...   More