Inrix Traffic brings live traffic to Windows 8.

While the default Windows Maps application in Windows 8 works fairly well for looking up addresses and getting directions, its traffic feature left much to be desired. Inrix Traffic brings a more fleshed-out traffic interface for Windows 8 tablets. It shows the traffic on surface streets, something that Windows Maps doesn't do.

Intrix Traffic has a snappy interface with maps that draw and redraw quickly. When browsing the map in Intrix Traffic, there are icons which indicate the type of traffic congestion around the area. For example, a cluster of cars will indicate some traffic slowdown, while a caution symbol will indicate road closures or traffic accidents. Inrix Traffic also takes into account events that can affect traffic and provides a useful traffic forecast.

While Inrix Traffic is great for glancing at traffic conditions, it doesn't provide search or directions, which is a major bummer as they are available on the mobile apps for iPhone and Android. We would like to see a search feature and integration with a service like Yelp to look up businesses.

While Inrix Traffic is good for browsing traffic conditions, it isn't going to be truly useful until it integrates search and directions.

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