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pdf2cad is an easy Windows desktop tool that lets you select...

pdf2cad is an easy Windows desktop tool that lets you select the PDF file you want to convert, set options if needed, and convert to the industry-standard DXF and HPGL file formats.

Accurate, fast and robust. Today, more and more organizations in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing, are storing and receiving designs, schematics, floor-plans and other technical drawings in the Adobe PDF file format.

CAD engineers, CNC operators, partners and supply chain members need to be able to view, test, edit or re-use the geometry locked inside these documents.

Now, pdf2cad provides the bridge. It accurately reproduces lines, shapes and text strings in the DXF and HPGL formats. If your PDF files are vector-based, you no longer need to lose valuable time or sacrifice quality by printing, scanning and vectorizing the drawings.

Using pdf2cad requires significantly less manual clean-up than using raster-to-vector software. Stop redrawing floor plans or mechanical designs from scratch.

Just run them through pdf2cad! Visual Integrity's pdf2cad is also available in batch, server and developer versions, and on Linux and UNIX platforms.



pdf2cad 8

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