PureVPN Free VPN for iOS

PureVPN Free VPN for iOS 5.2.0

Fast and cross platform VPN surfing

PureVPN is a multiplatform Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for those concerned about security online, those that want to circumvent geo-restrictions, or those that simply want a private network for transferring data.

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  • Works across platforms
  • Fast surfing speeds
  • Lots of servers
  • Easy to use


  • Free version limited to 3 days of use

Very good

PureVPN is a multiplatform Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for those concerned about security online, those that want to circumvent geo-restrictions, or those that simply want a private network for transferring data.

Fast with a huge selection of servers

PureVPN is particularly suitable for anyone concerned about security when connecting to public WiFi hotspots on laptops or mobile devices, and those that want to watch sites such as Netflix and Hulu which are blocked in their region.

The PureVPN installation process is quite straightforward and once installed, the connection dialog is very clearly laid out. PureVPN is very easy to use once installed and you can use one account with up to five devices in both the free and paid versions but the free version is limited to 3 days use.

If you’re struggling on a particular platform, there are some useful tutorials for each one plus 24 hour online support if you get stuck. Setup is straightforward though, and PureVPN will automatically select the fastest server for your location, usually the nearest one to you. You can manually select a server and even the city you want to connect the proxy from in the dropdown list.

Your new IP address is clearly displayed along with bandwidth usage. You can also select specifically what you want to use PureVPN for i.e. watching video, anonymous browsing etc. and PureVPN will adjust the server settings and selection to speed things up. You can choose the level of encryption you want for private browsing and reset the VPN if your connection drops.

PureVPN has a huge network of over 450 servers in almost 90 countries which means you should always be able to find a reliable, fast connection which can be a problem sometimes with VPN providers. You can check the developer website for a full list of countries covered and there’s a useful status light which indicates whether the servers is working or not. There are no bandwidth throttling connections either, so if your ISP is restricting your usage, PureVPN can get round it.

PureVPN also supports Split Tunneling, allowing you to identify browsers or programs to encrypt. For example, if you want to apply encryption settings to one browser only for banking, you can do so while not affecting other browsers you’re using. As regards how secure it is, the developer claims that PureVPN uses “complex protocols” and specifically, 256-bit encryption.

There’s also support for open source VPN protocol OpenVPN if you want to use it. There should be no real need to use it though since PureVPN offers so many servers with a high level of encryption.

Add-ons not available in the Mac version

Unlike the Windows version, in the Mac version there are no add-ons available to extend the functionality of PureVPN. For example, there's no SmartDNS add-on feature which provides more stable and reliable video streaming. However, streaming video is generally very reliable and stable without the need for this. Surfing speeds using PureVPN are surprisingly fast. Usually there’s some lag or slow down with VPNs but PureVPN allows you to surf almost as fast as if you are using a direct connection. The Mac version of PureVPN also does not include the Kill Switch Add-on to instantly cut connections.

Like the Windows version though, it does include Auto Connect in case of dropped connections, a NAT Firewall to protect from malicious sites and a secure DNS feature.

A fast and reliable VPN network

Overall, PureVPN offers a fast and convenient way to protect your identity online or unblock sites in your region.

PureVPN App – Free VPN For iOS

Enjoy free VPN on your iOS devices with PureVPN, the most trusted VPN with more than 2.5 million downloads worldwide. Now you can do a lot more with the latest updates, along with getting complete online security via stellar encryption, privacy and anonymity on your iOS devices.

Here’re all the new and built-in features and updates in PureVPN’s iOS app:

Free VPN: You can use up to 2 GB data free every month on three of the fastest server locations including USA, Sweden, and Netherlands. Enjoy VoIP calling to all countries without any hassle or limitation.

New Design: The interface of the app has been redesigned to give the users an even better experience with easier-to-use options.

Multiple Languages: The app is now available in multiple languages including English, German, French and Dutch.

Multiple Protocols: The VPN client for iOS automatically connects using the most suitable VPN protocol for iOS devices i.e. IKEv2. Users can also connect using variety of other protocols like PPTP and L2TP. Plus, every user gets the best online protection with top-of-the-line encryption.

Split Tunneling: You can also use the amazing Split Tunneling feature to control your internet traffic’s route. Choose apps that you wish to use your VPN connection and which to use your normal internet connection.

Feedback System: Users can now use the brand new feedback system to voice their suggestions and complaints so the service can be improved according to their needs.

Dedicated IP for Premium Users: In addition, premium users can also use Dedicated IP within the iOS app and enjoy connecting to any of the 550+ servers in 140+ countries worldwide.

It’s time for you to get military grade encryption, complete online security and 100% anonymity on the web using your iOS devices with PureVPN.

For more information, visit PureVPN website.

PureVPN Free VPN for iOS


PureVPN Free VPN for iOS 5.2.0

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