Road Rush Racing!

Road Rush Racing!

Addictive physics-based car racing game

Road Rush Racing is a fun physics-based racing game for Android.

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  • Fun graphics
  • Challenging, physics-based games mechanics
  • Lots of courses, cars and upgrades
  • Connect via BBM and send gifts to friends


  • Very frustrating at times


Road Rush Racing is a fun physics-based racing game for Android.

Keep the car running

Road Rush Racing! plays much like Hill Climb Racing. You need to drive the car as far as possible across a bumpy course, making tactical use of the two pedals to negotiate the obstacles without tipping over.

Along the way you need to collect coins and pick up gas cans in order to keep going. There are lots of courses, cars and upgrades available in Road Rush Racing! which can be unlocked using coins collected in the game (or purchased).

A mountain to climb

Although Road Rush Racing is fun, it can be infuriatingly difficult at times. The controls seem simple in theory as there are only two pedals. However, the reality of working them both in unison is very tricky at times, especially with the lower-powered vehicles. It helps once you've upgraded your vehicle but to dol so requires lots of repetition in order to collect coins.

While the graphics in Road Rush Racing are bright and fun, they won't win any prizes. The cars themselves look very basic and the backgrounds don't have too much going on in them. Animation and game physics are OK, though.

The verdict

Road Rush Racing! can be frustrating, but it's very addictive at the same time!

Road Rush Racing!


Road Rush Racing!

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