Squirrel 0.8.10

Slick and simple personal finance app for Macs


  • Slick CoverFlow iTunes style interface
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Imports from Quicken
  • iPhone app for budgeting on the move
  • Netbanking feature to browse bank websites within Squirrel


  • Lacks online banking
  • Lacks bill payments online
  • Limited compared to Quicken, iBank and Moneydance


Squirrel is one of the more basic financial applications out there but it's probably the slickest for OS X and a very promising one that could soon rival the likes of iBank and Moneydance.

It's by far easier than the latter to get started with and features enough for basic budgeting such as scheduled transactions, smart folders, slick graphical reports and importing from Quicken for Mac. There's also an iPhone app for budgeting on the move and the developer has offered free updates up until version 2.0 which isn't bad considering it's not even version 1 yet.

Because it's still lacking many major features, Squirrel is more suitable as a budgeting app than an all-round investment and personal finance app. Despite the slick presentation, it's also a little rough around the edges and the developer has been very slow at issuing updates so far. It would be nice to see Squirrel updated a little more often and have the online banking and bill payment features that it's sorely lacking. It does however include a feature called "Netbanking" which allows you to enter the URL of your bank's website and browse it within Squirrel.

Overall though, Squirrel is a very slick and well presented budgeting application but could be made a lot better with a few basic additions.

Minor bug fixes UI improvements


  • Minor bug fixes UI improvements

Squirrel takes finance management to a whole new level. It has all the powerful features you need for your personal business and more. Check out all that Squirrel has to offer and be amazed how easy it is to use.



Squirrel 0.8.10

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