Watchmen - International

Watchmen - International

Explore the Watchmen movie on your iPhone


  • Some cool wallpapers
  • Behind-the-scenes trailer
  • Watchmen newsfeed


  • Not very interactive
  • It's basically just an elaborate movie advert

Not bad

If you're excited about the release of the new Watchmen movie and can't bear to wait for its release date, then it's time you installed this iPhone app.

Watchmen - International is a pack of content related to the film that includes photos, trailers, and information about the eagerly-anticipated comic book adaptation. All of the content can be accessed from a stylish interface themed around the movie. Each of the TV screens shown in the interface contains a link to a certain piece of content.

Among the goodies included in Watchmen - International are a Doomsday clock with a countdown to the release of the film, some neat Watchmen-themed wallpapers, an illustrated synopsis of the movie, trailers, behind the scenes video, and even a newsfeed that keeps you abreast of all the latest Watchmen gossip.

Essentially, Watchmen - International is just a big advert, but if you're a fan then this is worth downloading.

Watchmen - International


Watchmen - International

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